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New Items will be available 30 June 2010
Available for purchase through this website are a number of pieces from the major Coldstream House collection. Some are duplicates of items already in the collection. Some are items no longer within the main collection's primary area of focus, such as German items.

Use the links at the left to see the different types of items available. Items are primarily sorted by type, but within each category there might be items from a variety of Commonwealth regiments, including Cavalry and Guards as well as Scottish and Irish regiments. If you are looking for a specific item, or type of item, please contact us directly.

Items may be purchased through private arrangement (see our contact info at the top of each page) or through PayPal when available. More and more items will become available to purchase through PayPal as the Winter of 2011 becomes Spring. Please have patience!

As with the Main Collection, the item numbers indicate some of the history and background of each piece. Where possible, ownership and any provenance are noted and photographed. To learn more about the meanings behind the catalog numbers, please read the detailed information on the Main Collection's "About the Catalog" page.